The Importance of Good Indoor Air Quality

Why Good Indoor Air Quality Is a Must

Good indoor air quality isn’t just “nice to have.” Proper, clean, breathable air quality is actually a necessity for the health and wellbeing of all who live within the home. Dirty air is more than a mere inconvenience. Dirty air could cause allergy symptoms to grow worse, asthma to be aggravated, and sleep quality to reduce. There are a number of signs to watch out for that might point to a malfunctioning HVAC unit.

If you’re otherwise healthy and have not experienced the following symptoms, it could very well be time to have a technician look at your unit for preventative maintenance.

It Can Dry and Irritate Your Skin

Poor air quality can cause symptoms such as dry eyes, dry nasal passages, dry skin, and dry throat. None of these issues are enjoyable and all are more serious than a mere annoyance. Any of these issues, if experienced for prolonged periods, can lead to more significant health issues.

Dry skin can eventually become cracked and raw. Dry eyes can become irritated and scratched. It can also cause you to strain more, leading to other problems like headaches and general discomfort.

Dry nasal passages can even cause bloody noses along with a slew of respiratory issues down the line. All of these issues are preventable, however, and should be through routine maintenance of your HVAC unit.

Respiratory Irritation Leads to Coughing and Sneezing

When you already deal with allergy symptoms, coughing and sneezing can irritate underlying conditions. Not only that, but coughing and sneezing are the two most significant contributors to the spread of viruses and bacteria. If someone is recovering from the cold or flu, and they are coughing and sneezing due to dirty air, those germs can get spread to other members of the family.

Unfortunately, when this happens because of poor air quality, it becomes a vicious cycle of someone getting sick, trying to recover, coughing and sneezing and passing the disease to someone else, and another person getting sick. Sickness can cycle endlessly due to this one issue and symptom of dirty air.

Sinus Sensitivity

In addition to allergy symptoms becoming worsened and illness being spread due to coughing and sneezing, dirty air can cause other issues such as sinus sensitivity, congestion, asthma, and difficulty breathing. In especially poor air, allergies can be caused due to repeated lung irritation.


If you are someone who already has difficulty breathing and struggles with allergy symptoms, asthma, or frequently deals with illness, the last thing you want to struggle with is dirty air that may be worsening or lengthening the symptoms you’re struggling with.

Not only is poor air quality a problem, but it can also be downright dangerous for those with significant health issues. Those dealing with asthma, bronchitis, or respiratory infections need clean air for the safety of their health and wellbeing.

Clean air is not an issue that should be ignored or pushed down on the priority list. Making sure the air in your house is clean is essential. This is especially true if your household has an indoor cat or dog, as their fur and dander will also contribute to the poor air quality you experience. Thankfully, all of these issues can be fixed as long as you improve the air quality you’re breathing.

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