Your HVAC Shouldn’t Celebrate World Senior Citizens’ Day

August 21st is World Senior Citizens’ Day! How do you plan to celebrate? While we look forward to celebrating our older citizens, an outdated HVAC system is nothing to celebrate. We are going to discuss safety issues related to your HVAC system.

Senior Citizens are some of the most susceptible people to poor air quality issues. We will talk about how to protect yourself and the ones you love and provide a guide for when your heating and air conditioning system may need work or replacement.

Proper Air Filter Care

Your air filter can be one of the most important parts of your HVAC system when it comes to indoor air quality. Air filters are also the easiest part of your HVAC system to maintain and replace.

If you see a bed of dust lying on top of your air filter, you can rest assured that this is affecting the air quality in your home. It is a clear sign that you are not changing your air filter often enough.

In the warm months, when the air conditioner is running, air filters should be changed once per month. In the colder months, air filters should be changed every six weeks. Performing this simple task can have a huge impact on your home’s air quality and even your health.

Health Issues Related to Your HVAC System

Senior citizens are among those most affected by poor air quality. Large amounts of dust, pollen, bacteria, and mold in the air can contribute to respiratory problems and serve to spread other sicknesses. Fortunately, this is an easy problem to prevent. Keep an eye on your HVAC system and have it checked out by a professional at least twice a year.

Some easily preventable problems include mold growth on ductwork and failure to use an air filter. Mold in the air can contribute to poor overall health. You should do a visual check of your ductwork regularly. If you notice any mold, call an HVAC installation and repair company immediately.

There are a wide range of air filters to choose from, but using a high-quality air filter can help to protect your health. It’s very important that air filters be used properly and changed out regularly.

The Benefits of Quality HVAC Services

As people in society grow older and enter their senior years, we celebrate them. They are full of wisdom and good humor. Not so with old HVAC systems. If you have a system that is over 10 years old, it may be time for a replacement.

Modern systems do a better job of filtering the air and keeping it clean. Your older system may have sustained mold and bacteria growth, and this is not something you want your HVAC system pumping into your home along with your warm and cool air.

Aside from having an outdated system, there are other issues you may recognize that will let you know when it is time to have your HVAC system repaired or replaced. If you are hearing “clunking” noises, that is a good indication your system is on “the fritz”. It’s time to call in a professional to determine whether repairs or replacement are necessary.

If you notice air leaking from your ductwork, you need to have it checked out as soon as possible. Not only does leaky ductwork lower the comfort level of your home. It can also break the bank. If your heat or air conditioning is being wasted through leaking ducts, then your system will struggle to keep up, and your energy bills will run higher.

Is your HVAC system too large or small for the area it’s servicing? This is another indication that it is time to upgrade. A system that is trying to maintain comfort in an area too large will struggle to keep up. Wear and tear will be a problem for an HVAC system that is too small. A system that is too large may have issues with the coil freezing over or too much condensation. Get the opinion of an HVAC professional when you have them come for a biannual check-up of your HVAC system.

Senior citizens are like fine wine. They get even better with time, and we look forward to celebrating them on their special day on August 21st. Unfortunately, your HVAC system does not get better with age. An outdated system could be costing you excessive money and doing a poor job of cleaning the air in your home. Luckily, at First Mate Heating & Cooling, we’re here to help!

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