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Furnace selection for a household depends greatly on the home itself, and the needs of its inhabitants. A key factor in furnace selection is researching the cheapest type of energy in your local areas, such as electricity, natural gas, or water. When shopping around for furnaces, you may be presented with a wide variety of options, often accompanied by confusing jargon.

Simplify the process of purchasing a heater for your home by reviewing the following list on the most popular types of furnaces, and the advantages of each.

Gas Furnaces

How They Work: Gas, or natural gas, furnaces are both efficient, and quiet. Using forced-air technology, natural gas furnaces work to spread warm air throughout a home using air ducts.

Benefits: Natural gas furnaces deliver an even stream of heat, and go almost unnoticed throughout everyday life, creating a comfortable, warm environment. They are also relatively cheap to maintain, as they break down on an infrequent basis and are relatively low-maintenance. In a short-term view, natural gas furnaces may save money on your monthly energy bills. Natural gas is the cheapest fossil fuel available and is the most efficient.

Hot Water Furnaces

How They Work: Furnaces that use hot water to create and disperse heat are also known as boiler heating systems. These systems work to heat water into either hot water or steam, which is transported through pipes or radiator units within a home.

Benefits: Boiler systems are great heating options for individuals suffering from dust allergies, as they do not circulate air throughout a home. The heat that is radiated from pipes or radiator units is fresh, comfortable, and even.

Electric Furnaces

How They Work: Electric heaters work to convert electricity into efficient heat, distributed through an electric heater placed on a wall or baseboard.

Benefits: Electric heaters are energy-efficient, as they waste no energy like their forced-air and gas counterparts. These heaters are easy to install, as they can be placed almost anywhere in a home. They conserve natural resources, and depending on how electricity is produced in your area; they generate zero emissions. Electric furnaces are a great choice for small rooms, areas with cheap electricity options, and environmentally conscious individuals.

Coming to a decision on what type of furnace to purchase is easy once you consider what resources are affordable in your area and the amount of space you have available to dedicate to a heating system.

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