How to Practice Proper Fire Safety With a House’s Heating System

Heating System Fire Safety Tips

Ever heard the question “in a house fire, if there was only time to grab one thing, what would it be?” Well, it would probably be better to not be in that situation in the first place. Though house fires are more often than not accidental, there are a number of precautions that homeowners can take to practice proper heating and fire safety.

The most common place for a home fire to start is in the kitchen. Therefore, it’s always important to turn off the stove, oven, and even small kitchen appliances when they are not being used. But what is the next biggest reason for home fires?

Answer: heating systems.

Change Furnace Filters Frequently

It’s hard to remember to change furnace filters. They just sit down in the furnace room. It’s the room in the house that no one goes into on a daily basis, so it’s easy to forget.

However, it is a very important task. Changing them regularly can clear out any flammable materials that may have been caught in the filter while maintaining clean indoor air quality.

So how often should they be changed? It depends on the thickness of the filter. For thinner filters, 1-2 inches, they should be changed every 3 months. Thicker filters have less maintenance.

For reference, a 4-inch filter should be changed every 6 months, and a 5-inch filter only needs to be changed once a year. Since it’s easy to forget, add a note to the calendar as a reminder to change it again.

Keep an Eye on Space Heaters

Believe it or not, space heaters are a major cause of house fires. There are more than 25,000 house fires every year caused by space heaters! When buying a space heater, make sure to check the description details and look for units with emergency or automatic shut-offs in case of a falling accident.

In addition, to practice proper fire safety, make sure to monitor space heaters when they are being used to make sure they don’t overheat or fall over.

Buy Home Insurance that Covers Fires

Accidents happen, and unfortunately, that is the cause for the majority of house fires. Even taking preventative measures can’t foresee all causes of a house fire.

These traumatic accidents cannot be planned, so it’s always a good idea to have homeowner’s insurance that covers fires. Losing a house can be devastating, but with insurance, not all will be lost.

If you’re not sure whether or not your policy covers it, now is the best time to look. During the winter season, when your heating system gets a ton of usage, it’s common for fires to occur.

By making this part of your winter preparedness routine, you can avoid a major disaster and ensure you always have the peace of mind you deserve.

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