Buying a New Home?

Before you buy a new home in Lees Summit, MO, make sure you look for the following issues before signing the mortgage. It is best to have a home inspection done because it is what lies underneath that matters.

Things to Look For During a Home Inspection

1. Look at where the house is situated. Is it at the bottom of a rocky hill that could collapse or located very near an area that is known to be flooded during certain times of the year?

Be sure to consider all of the potential environmental dangers that could affect your safety while you are dwelling in the structure.

2. Is the home surrounded by very old trees that have large root systems or branches hanging over the building?

Branches can collapse on your home’s roof and damage it, and the long, strong roots can work their way into basements and cause the foundation of the home to become unstable.

3. Check for mold or mildew in the bathrooms, kitchen, and basement. Consider forgoing the purchase of the home if you find black mold because it is very toxic and can cause fatal diseases.

4. Are there a mouse or cockroach droppings in the kitchen or anywhere else? Try to avoid buying a home that is infested with pests.

5. Is the home insulated properly? Make sure you invest in a well-insulated home to avoid expensive heating bills.Ask the realtor or seller if every room is insulated and then ask them what type of insulation was installed.

In older homes, toxic asbestos and formaldehyde forms of insulation might have been used and it could cost you a lot of money to have it professionally removed.

6. What sort of pipes run through the house? If they are lead or made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), then you need to be aware that toxins could be leeched through the pipe materials into the water.

If they are leaky, they might have to be replaced as leaking water can cause mold, mildew and the proliferation of pathogens.

7. Does the roof leak? Wet or discolored spots on the floor, carpets or water stains on the walls are the telltale evidence that you are about to buy a house with a leaky roof.

8. Flip every switch in the house to make everything works. Be sure to test out the air-conditioning unit, refrigerator, and central air conditioning. Leave no stone unturned as you go about your personal inspection.

If appliances seem dusty or dirty or the HVAC is leaking or clogged, then call in professionals to have these units serviced.

To make sure that all of these issues are addressed properly, it is a really good idea to hire a professional home inspector. He or she can tell you if the home has any wiring, plumbing or mold issues and also give you advice on whether or not the home is worth purchasing or fixing.

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