All Homeowners Should Know the Signs of Air Duct Mold

It’s the responsibility of every homeowner to make sure their abode is safe and healthy for all family members and guests. Part of this includes maintaining good indoor air quality. If your home is filled with airborne contaminants, it could be the source of a handful of health hazards. These include respiratory problems like sinus infections along with increased asthma and allergy attacks. If bad air isn’t treated promptly, it could lead to more serious medical conditions.


Of particular concern to homeowners in Lee’s Summit, MO is mold in the HVAC system. Hot and muggy days in summer means more moisture in the air, which can turn into condensation that builds up in a home’s vents. If humidity levels are too high, there’s no way for it to evaporate, which makes it a perfect place for mold to grow. Once the air conditioning is turned on, it could spread into every room.

Stop the spread of mold in your HVAC system before it’s too late. We’re here to help you learn how to identify the symptoms of mold in your vents so you can feel confident when calling an air quality company to fix the problem. Here are the signs of air duct mold all homeowners should know.

Visual Indications of Mold and Moisture

Performing visual inspections of your ventilation system may be the best way to ensure mold doesn’t spread throughout your home.

Check out every vent you can reach and pop out the grates to take a peek inside. If you notice any signs of moisture or mold, you should contact an air quality company right away.

There’s a Powerful Smell In Your Home

It may be hard to see any signs of mold, but there’s no mistaking its potent stench. If you can smell mold all around your home, it might already be spreading across your HVAC system.

Not familiar with the smell? Think rotting food or dirty gym clothes. Either way, you should notice a decrease in air quality if you’re in the presence of mold.

Your Family Experiences Respiratory Problems

If the air in your home is contaminated, it can easily affect everybody’s health. Sneezing and wheezing might become more common, along with asthma and allergy attacks.

If you contract any respiratory or sinus infections, they could develop into more serious conditions. Get in touch with an air quality professional immediately if you experience these types of health problems.

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