3 Home Renovation Air Quality Tips to Help You Breathe Better

There are plenty of good reasons to decide to spend the time and money on a major home renovation. From a personal perspective, who doesn’t want a home that’s built to their exact specifications?

And, from a functional outlook who doesn’t want a home that has new appliances, wiring, or whatever else might be required to make an efficient, modern up to date home?

There’s just one thing people need to keep in mind as they undertake a task this big, and that’s making sure that you keep the air safe while you’re renovating. We have three important tips to help you stick to this goal.

Take Asbestos Seriously

If your home was built before the 1980s, and you’re about to do some major renovations, like tearing down walls, be careful.

here’s a chance that asbestos may have been used in the construction of your home, and today, it is a banned substance.

It used to be extremely popular as a building material because its flameproof properties were useful in structural integrity.

Today, unfortunately, it’s now been scientifically verified that asbestos is also carcinogenic and prolonged exposure can cause cancer.

It’s inert as long as it remains undisturbed after being applied. But, once walls come down, and it is released as particles of dust in the air, asbestos is extremely hazardous. Have an inspector check for the presence of asbestos in your home, and if it’s found, get a professional team to safely remove it, and protect your home’s air quality.

Take Moisture Control Into Account With Flooring

This is especially important if your renovations involve laying carpet down in some formerly neglected space, such as your basement or attic. Most people only worry about moisture and how it interacts with the floor in obvious rooms like kitchens or bathrooms, where a lot of water gets used.

However, spaces like basements or attics may have been exposed to the elements, or have breaks, leaks or other structural defects that can admit moisture in. If proper moisture control isn’t used before the carpet is laid down, this may allow mold to form under the carpet. Once that happens, the spores sent into the air will threaten the health of all residents, and the only solution will be to take out the carpet, repair the moisture issue, kill the mold and put new carpet in.

Get a New Filter

When the end is in sight for your renovations, there’s one final, easy task to complete. Replace the filter in your HVAC system with a new one.

Normally, you’d only need to do this every three months, with the change of seasons.

Now, however, your filter has borne the brunt of all that dust during the renovation and is much dirtier than normal.

If ignored, that means your HVAC efficiency goes down, and, until you regain that efficiency, your energy bills will go up. Get your bills back under control and protect your home with a fresh filter that’s ready to go. Once everything is done, your home in Lees Summit, MO will be much better than before! Not only have you added value to your property with this investment, but you’ll also have made the air in the home safer for everyone!

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